Retro TV Comics. By Preston

“Mark Learns What it Takes to be President”

This is a satire comic reminiscent of a famous television show of the 80’s. Preston, the artist and creator of this comic, is a 16-year old artist who has been “retroized” by his parents to love television shows of the past. Enjoy!

~ Melissa (aka the artist’s mom)


Thought Provoking Nugget of the Week

Thought Provoking Nugget of the Week

Hollywood Staged: Are major historical events staged by Hollywood?

I just watched the Netflix exclusive movie, “Special Correspondents”, starring Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana, and it made me think – How many televised events in our lives have been staged? Is Ricky trying to tell us something?  He is a very cheeky individual, and what if he is trying to tell us, in his own creative way that something is amiss out there. Yes, I know that this version of the story was a satire of a French movie from 2009 called Envoyés Très Spéciaux (Bradshaw, 2016), but the creators of that film could have been trying to tell us the same thing. What if some of the events we have been told to believe aren’t even true? What if they have all been staged by Hollywood?

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I never have been. Yet I know a few, and the idea that some of our biggest events have been faked is not a new concept. In the past I chose not to believe the hoopla. Actually, I didn’t really care whether they were faked or not – I was apathetic. So what if the original moon landing was staged? So what if we are being lied to on a daily basis from Hollywood, or even our government? What can we really do about it anyway? I have said that I would rather live my life with rose colored glasses on and just go about my day, then worry about things I cannot change.

Though I can’t say I’m taking my rose colored glasses off, I can say that the idea that Hollywood could be staging historical events is quite a thought provoking question. Hmm… What if?

In the movie, the two lead male characters, played by Ricky and Eric, were working for a radio station who asked them to travel to Ecuador to report on a rebel uprising. Through a series of events, which you will need to watch the movie to uncover, they decide to fake their own kidnapping. Through bogus call-in reports, as well as a sham video, their story was believed by many of the American people.

But how often does this really happen? I can think of one real controversy that happened just a couple years ago with Brian Williams, the one-time anchor of NBC Nightly News, who according to Time was “caught for having repeated a tall tale about his experiences embedded with U.S. troops on a helicopter in the 2003 Iraq War”. The level of deception at the hands of Williams was never really released, but we do know that he lost his job as anchor and is now working for MSNBC (Poniewozik, 2015). U.S. News reported however that their internal investigation uncovered at least eleven inconsistencies in his stories. They also reported that many feel Mr. William’s consequences were a bit light; especially considering his salary only decreased to $10 million per year, from $15 million per year (Risen, 2016).

So why was his deception taken so lightly? Is it possible that the network was actually behind it? Just a thought… He is still working for NBC after all. Let me ask you – if you found out that one of your employees told a lie so great that could have ruined the entire reputation of the company, would you give him a small slap on the wrist and then send him to one of your affiliates? I would only do such things if I was trying to cover the fact that I already knew about the indiscretion.

Getting back to the movie, Special Correspondents. I quite liked it and would give it a rating of four stars out of five. I found the movie to be relevant, and I enjoyed the relationship between the two leads. But getting back into conspiracy theory mode, why did other media outlets rate it two point five out of five stars? Could it be because of the content? Did it hit a little too close to home? Is it possible that those providing the ratings in Hollywood want to steer us away from a movie that could be highlighting something they have been trying to hide? Again, just a thought…


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