About Hershey Media Times

Hershey Media has been in business since 2004, started by Jeremy Cage, who is a voice over artist and local entertainer. Jeremy can impersonate over 1000 celebrity, cartoon and political voices. His voice has been heard on television and radio commercials, video games, audio books, instructional videos and children’s toys. In addition, Jeremy is a seasoned chef and is well-versed in anything restaurant and cooking related.

In 2014, Hershey Media expanded to Hershey Media Retailers, LLC, when Melissa O’Connell joined the creative team. Together, they have produced internet radio stations, as well as continued with the Hershey Media voice over tradition.

In the summer of 2016, Hershey Media Retailers, LLC launched Hershey Media Times, the business’ blog and weekly newpaper publication. This new venture contains restaurant, travel and entertainment reviews, public interest stories and hand-drawn cartoons created by Preston Gorecki. Others will be joining the team as contributors as the weeks progress.